About the Awards

The Professional Trader Awards are applicable to leveraged brokers offering their own version of ‘exclusive’ Professional Trading Accounts.

There will be 14 award categories in total, covering technology & performance tools, trading conditions, accounts & execution, low margin rates, loyalty programs and client relationship services.

Winners will be determined by a public vote. We will pre-select a shortlist of  companies in each of the award categories. Over a 4-week period we will then engage with the trading community via our media partners/third party trading partners and encourage people trading on their own professional trading accounts to vote for the companies they feel to have consistently out-performed their peers in each of the award categories. All winners will all have one thing in common – they will have been chosen by the professional trading public.


5th October 2020 – Awards Official Launch Date
The final list of brokers to make the shortlist of nominees (in each of the award categories) will go live on the Professional Trader Awards website.

6th October 2020 – Voting Opens
Voting for the 2020 awards officially opens. We will ask Professional Traders to vote for their preferred choice of broker from the shortlist of nominees pre determined by the judging process.

2nd November 2020 – Voting Closes
Voting for the 2020 awards officially closes. All votes cast by Professional Traders will be collated and counted.

13th November 2020 – Winners Notified
We will notify all award winners of the final outcome. 

11th December 2020 – Winners Announced
We will announce the  award winners on 11  December 2020.

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