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Terms & Conditions

Please find below our terms and conditions for use of the website, which you may access in several ways, including but not limited to the World Wide Web. These terms and conditions apply whenever you access the website, on whatever device.

By using the website, you are deemed to have accepted these conditions.

Some areas of The Professional Trader Awards website may require registration. By completing the initial registration form and by entering your personal details, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Also, by subscribing to any of our email services, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. If you register with The Professional Trader Awards, you should read our privacy policy.

If you have registered with us to vote or a company who registered to become a nominee and subsequently change your details, you should immediately notify us of any changes by emailing us at

Any changes we make to the terms and conditions will be reflected on this page.

1. Registration for voting

When you register to vote on The Professional Trader Awards website, you are registering as a personal user of The Professional Trader Awards. Access to voting areas is via your email address.

We allow you access to the registration areas of the site on the basis that:

  • (i) Your email address is personal to you and may not be used by anyone else to access The Professional Trader Awards. 

  • (ii) You will not do anything which would assist anyone who is not a registered user to gain access to any registration area of The Professional Trader Awards.

  • (iii) You do not create additional registration accounts for the purpose of abusing the functionality of the site, or other users; nor do you seek to pass yourself off as another user.

  • (iv) You comply with these terms and conditions.


If, for any reason, we believe that you have not complied with these requirements, we may, at our discretion, cancel your access to the registration areas of The Professional Trader Awards website immediately and without giving you any advance notice.

2. Termination of registration
If we wish to bring the agreement to an end, we will do so by emailing you at the address you have registered stating that the agreement has terminated. The agreement will terminate and your email address will become invalid on The Professional Trader Awards website immediately.

3. Use of material appearing on The Professional Trader Awards website
For the purposes of this agreement, “material” means material including, without limitation, text, video, graphics and sound material, published on the Professional Trader Awards website, whether copyright of The Professional Trader Awards, Holiston Media Limited or a third party.

You may download and print extracts from the material and make copies of these for your own personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to download or print the material, or extracts from it, in a systematic or regular manner or otherwise so as to create a database in electronic or paper form comprising all or part of the material appearing on The Professional Trader Awards website. 

You must not reproduce any part of The Professional Trader Awards website or the material or transmit it to or store it in any other website or disseminate any part of the material in any other form, unless we have indicated that you may do so.

We may be prepared to allow you to distribute or reproduce other parts of The Professional Trader Awards website or the material in certain circumstances. Please email if you wish to apply for permission to do so.

4. Disclaimer of liability
To the extent permitted at law, we do not accept any responsibility for any statement in the material. You must not rely on any statement we have published on The Professional Trader Awards website without first taking specialist professional advice. Nothing in the material is provided for any specific purpose or at the request of any particular person.

For the avoidance of confusion, we will not be liable for any loss caused as a result of your doing, or not doing, anything as a result of viewing, reading or listening to the material or any part of it (except for death or personal injury attributable to our negligence and to the extent permitted at law).

There are links on The Professional Trader Awards website to third party web sites which The Professional Trader Awards has no control over. The Professional Trader Awards accept no responsibility or liability for any third-party practices on third party websites.

We give no warranties of any kind concerning The Professional Trader Awards website or the material. In particular, we do not warrant that The Professional Trader Awards website or any of its contents is virus free. You must take your own precautions in this respect as we accept no responsibility for any infection by virus or other contamination or by anything which has destructive properties.

5. Third party material on The Professional Trader Awards website
You will see advertising material submitted by third parties on The Professional Trader Awards website. Individual advertisers are solely responsible for the content of advertising material which they submit to us, including ensuring that it complies with relevant legislation. We accept no responsibility for the content of advertising material, including, without limitation, any error, omission or inaccuracy therein.

6. Submitting text for publication on The Professional Trader Awards website
If you want to submit material to us for publication on The Professional Trader Awards website, you may do so on the following terms and conditions:

  • (i) Publication of any material you submit to us will be at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to make additions or deletions to the text or graphics prior to publication, or to refuse publication.

  • (ii) You warrant to us that any material you submit to us is your own original work and that you own the copyright and any other relevant rights.

  • (iii) You warrant that the material you submit is not obscene, offensive, defamatory of any person or otherwise illegal.

  • (iv) You acknowledge that any breach of these warranties may cause us damage or loss and you agree to indemnify us in full and permanently against any third party liabilities, claims, costs, loss or damage we incur as a result of publishing material you submit to us, including consequential losses.


7. Data protection
We obtain personal information about you when you vote on our websites or submit a nomination request. We need to process this information to ensure that the voting procedure is fair and accurate. The information we process can include your name and e-mail address, as well as the date and time you voted.


The information we collect may also form part of a prize draw and we will use this information to contact you if you are a winner.

The processing of your information is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the company and their partners associated with processing the voting information. We have a legitimate interest in verifying that the vote is cast by you and not a computer, that the vote is valid and that only one vote has been cast per person. We also have a legitimate interest in adjudicating the votes.

We will not share your details with third parties for marketing purposes except with your express consent.

We may have to share your personal data with (i) service providers who provide IT and system administration support, (ii) professional advisors including lawyers, bankers, auditors and insurers (iii) HMRC and other regulatory authorities (iv) third parties to whom we sell, transfer or merge parts of our business or our assets and/or (v) our approved business partners and agents who are part of our supply chain.

We require all of these third parties to whom we transfer your data to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. They are only allowed to process your personal data on our instructions.

8. Variations
These terms may be varied from time to time. Please ensure that you review these terms and conditions regularly as you will be deemed to have accepted a variation if you continue to use the site after it has been posted.

9. Force majeure
Although we will do our best to provide constant, uninterrupted access to The Professional Trader Awards website, we do not guarantee this. We accept no responsibility or liability for any interruption or delay.

10. Governing Law & Jurisdiction
This agreement is governed by English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

11. Use of data for marketing materials

By entering the awards, entrants understand that the information they provide about their company (excluding turnover and pre-tax profit information which will remain confidential at all time) may be used by the Professional Trader Awards for marketing purposes at any time in the future.

12.Unethical use of our website

In line with our principles, should a company be found to behave in an illegal, unethical or fraudulent manner Professional Trader Awards reserves the right to revoke the company's status in the competition and including status from previous years. If this occurs we will contact the company in question to inform them of our decision, they will be removed from our website and will not be allowed to use their status logos on any of their company material.

13. Official rules of public voting in the Professional Trader Awards

By participating in the voting of the Professional Trader Awards voting stage, each voting participant agrees to be bound by the official competition rules. 

Voting is limited to one vote per verified email address. 

Conduct and Decisions: Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Contest, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified.

In the event of a tie in the voting, the tie will be reviewed by the Chairman of Judges who will serve as a tiebreaker and who will evaluate according to the judging criteria. Decision of judges is final and binding on all matters relating to this.

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